A brand book is a collection of the elements that shape your brand identity and corporate style - a logo, brand colors, and corporate design (business card design, letters, envelopes etc). Additionally, the brand book comprises business goals, target audience, brand values, mission of the brand, and product description. Creating a brand book is both hard and interesting, and we love this job to bits!


You will have one style for everything - your business cards, flyers and a business sign. All you have to do is just change the content.


A good brand book has guidelines for corporate design, which helps when you need to open a new retail unit in your corporate chain - it’s all in there!


Your employees have no clear understanding of the target audience

Your advertising campaign is a mishmash of poorly aligned marketing tools

Your logo looks different every time you print a new bunch of business cards


Every employee, who communicates on behalf of a brand with your audience, designs or sells a product, should be guided by a brandbook. It’s not just a set of recommendations on the corporate identity but a document describing the global goals of a company, its values, position on the market, philosophy and preferred marketing tools. Let’s look closer at the sections a good brand book should have.


You should start with the history of your company. What highlights did the company have? How were its values shaped? What were your most successful products? The first section is a full description of your business: the start of the brand, the evolution and the result. What message do you want to carry across to your target audience? All these questions needs to be answered in order to create a corporate identity, which is also a beacon light for your employees.



The guidelines section doesn’t always have a separate place in a brand book but is always covered there. The guidelines regulate technical parametres that apply to all aspects of advertising production: CMYK and RGB color codes, default settings with 100% color opacity, edge spacing, printing requirements etc. These are important for your advertising materials to look exactly how you want them to. With these guidelines a printing shop has a zero chance of making a mistake.



A brand book also speaks about the corporate identity and how to apply it. As it was mentioned above, a logo is the key element to the corporate identity, and a brand book outlines the logo usage guidelines, including the proportions, sizes, acceptable colors and deviations. Next comes a section about the font variations and their usage.  

A brand book contains a corporate colors manual that explains what colors should be used in each case. A mockup section in a brand book helps to imagine how particular design elements look in print.

The last, but not the least, is the images management manual section. It contains the requirements regarding the color contrast, style, size, and all that concerns the images.



The logo is the key element to the brand identity. A brand book starts with the creation of the logo, which becomes the most distinctive part of your corporate identity, and enough attention should be paid to it.



«Smart» Design


We study your clients, your work style, your goals and preferences and our graphic designer use this information for creating a design that serves a particular purpose - to build a recognisable brand that is appealing to its audience.

Expertise and Experience


With our expertise and experience we can create a modern corporate identity for your brand that will become an essential part of your brand book. We think through every detail, from a corporate colour choice to the brand communication. As a result, you have a remarkable corporate identity.

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Contact us and order a brand book design at affordable price. It is quite expensive to design in Australia, but we will make your brand identity and logo at cost starting at only $1200.

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