Graphic design is a communication channel with your client. It exists to deliver your messages to the “right” people, your prospective customers. A well balanced mixture of a logo, images, typography and colours will tell your story better than any copy. A law practice ad doesn’t need jazzy colours or playful fonts, but a little cosy cafe will go broke with a dry advertising sign. And yet, any ad should be creative to stand out.

We've been studying advertising psychology for many years and know how to create a trendy graphic design for a flyer, business card, booklet, invitation, or infographics.


Focusing on your goals.


We study your business closely to understand who your clients are and what they want to see. This helps create a design that will make you stand out from the crowd. Your brand design will “speak” to your client’s heart.



We will discuss all your ideas and wishes to make beneficial corrections to the project.


Choosing a format that works best for you

Designing advertising materials is not just choosing cool images and fonts. Your visual product needs to be well thought through, and always have a specific goal in mind. It can be aimed at telling about the brand to as many people as possible, or impressing a big prospective client, or maybe just advertising a promotional offer to the existing clients.


If you are running a massive advertising campaign, all your promotional materials should be made in the same style. Changing the format affects not just the size of the images and headlines but the whole design adapts to the new style. That’s why when you order a booklet, poster and catalogue design together, you save money because you get an integrated visual concept that is adapted for different formats.

Let’s look at some marketing materials and see what they are best for.

Despite the fact that everyone has business cards, a business card with cool design is a rare thing. A creative graphic design and non-conventional paper choice will help you to draw attention to your business and land new customers.

Flyers are a simple but effective way to win new clients. It’s good for both selling the existing product and promoting a new one. Make it creative, and instead of landing in a bin, it will go straight to your prospective client’s pocket.

Tell about your business with the help of a booklet. The better your clients know you, the more likely they will use your product. Your booklet needs to be both informative and catchy to grasp the attention of your potential customers. Don’t forget to take a few of the booklets to your clients meeting.

Infographics have become a popular tool to communicate the key message with a target audience. It presents data in a simple visual format that is easier to absorb than text alone. People love facts and figures, and infographics are an excellent way to do that.


Leaflets usually contain more information than flyers but are way cheaper. It’s an effective and non-intrusive way to advertise your business.  

Want to make a presentation for your potential business partners? A smartly designed presentation will help you to win your audience. A PDF Presentation is the best format for both public and online presentations.


A nicely designed and memorable catalogue is the best way to introduce your product to your audience. The design, photos and images are key elements to convert your visitors into your clients. Catalogues are usually used for offline sales and special offers.

Posters are an essential part of any advertising campaign. It still remains the most effective way to attract the customers in offline marketing. A good poster will advertise your product and increase your sales.

Invite your friends and clients to a wedding, presentation or any other event with a beautiful invitation. It will become a little token and your special event won’t be forgotten.


A calendar is a useful souvenir that will remind your clients of your company every day. A nice and low-cost way to increase brand loyalty with your customers.

Order Custom Graphic Design

Contact us to order graphic design for your business. We can meet any goals that you set: attract new customers, return the old ones or increase the loyalty of your brand. If you want to know more about graphic design just ask for a free consultation! We will answer all of your questions.

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