A landing page is a tool that encourages your potential client to take an action you want them to. This might involve making a purchase, subscribing or leave a booking on your website. It all depends on the content and design. A great landing page design can win the hearts of customers and skyrocket conversion.

We create landing pages with wix mostly. Wix is the perfect platform for landing pages as it allows to create modern neat page with really tight budget. Also, it is very easy to manage afterwards since you do not need to have programming or coding skills.





A call-to-action is the main element, which provokes visitors of your website to use your services. Basically, it is the main tool to convert a user. When designing an ecommerce landing page, you need to think about your call-to-action button design, location on the page and its text. The website should encourage a user to take an action exactly when they realize that your website is what they need. A call to action must be powerful but not aggressive, otherwise it will kill your conversion rates.




Landing page essentials include well-balanced content that provides enough information to a user but does not overwhelm them. You need to anticipate a user’s questions and have the answers for them ready on your page. This way you will eliminate all doubt and win a user’s trust.




A headline must be simple and eye-catching. Its main task is to mesmerize a visitor and make them stay on your page. The headline’s goal is to brief a user about your business and the benefits they get if they choose you. A flawless design is another key element.  



The landing page must manage user’s attention by consistent structure and catchy design. We thoroughly think through the landing page anatomy so that it is easy for a user to get all the information.



A great landing page is simple and uncluttered. Less clutter, consistent structure, highlights and easy navigation make a landing page sell.



It’s estimated that mobile internet users generate 40% of world internet data traffic, that’s why it is important for a page to be suitable for mobile and tablet use. We design these adaptive landing pages, which should be essential on your landing page checklist to ensure users have a great experience on mobile devices.


We ask

We seek all the information we can get about your business: your target audience, market positioning, strategy and goals. This information helps us to build your landing page in accordance with your customer’s expectations. Matching a customer’s expectations is the first step to winning their trust.

We know what the audience needs


We know how to convert your users into your customers. We understand a user’s aspirations and how to persuade them to become your customer. Maximum attention paid to design, content, calls to action and landing page design usability, and that makes our landing pages effective selling tools.


We do not use templates


Every web page is created from scratch. We look for an idea and think through the page structure, including colours, fonts and page elements design. This approach enables us to create a unique custom landing page design.

Timing is important


The landing page designs usually take a week to arrive. We will take in account all of your feedback. Any design decision is approved by you and this process is unlimited.

We offer additional services

A landing page must call a user to take a particular action. We can fill the page with top-notch content so that it encourages the customer behaviour you want. We can offer you not only landing page design but also copywriting services, Facebook advertising and setting up google adwords.

Order a custom landing page design

Contact us to order a landing page design. We will create a page that will make your business thrive. We know how to make landing pages with high conversion rates and employ that knowledge to build your tailored landing page. 


Prices for landing page start at $800.

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