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- Logo Design
- Branding visual and communication strategy (Style Guide)
- Website design and development


Sydney | Australia

Scrollytelling website for a recruitment agency

When client says "Do whatever you think works. We trust you!" we know that the result will be outstanding. That was the case.

We wanted to avoid the business concept imagery and draw that line in the Style Guide. Visual strategy of the brand is based on the cute illustrations made in one style.

Recruitment services aim to connect two parts to make the "puzzle". That's how we came to the idea of splitting the screen in halves and connecting it by scroll. It is interactive, fun and trendy. The trend is called "scrollytelling"

Website is yet to be nominated to the "Website of the Day" by Awwwards and featured at Editor X showroom as one of the best websites created with the platform.

It was also featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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