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Beach Thyme

- Logo Design
- Branding visual and communication strategy
- Landing page design and development
- Social Media
- Marketing Campaigns
- Menu design


Torquay | Australia

Landing page for a vegan cafe

We worked on this project from “head to toes” 😊 creating brand vision, visuals and, of course, the website.

We have good experience with vegan brands and we know for sure that vegetarians (vegans) are not only avoid eating animal products🥩🚫, it is much more than that.

We wanted to go beyond vegan food concept, creating the feel of community💚. The community where not only the benefits and safety of products are important, but also understanding of how their lifestyle affect the world around them🌏🌱

Website is featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration. We also had a few calls from random people who passed by the cafe because they liked the branding :)

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