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- Branding visual and communication strategy
- Website design and development
- Copywriting
- Marketing Campaigns
- Design of brochures/flyers/posters
- Stationary design


Moscow | Russia

Charismatic website for a manufacturer of glass and aluminium products

We looked for some inspiration and it was impossible to find any inspirational website in the industry. So we decided to create one 👌

The website filled up with light and air just as their production. Hard to believe there are hundreds of pages and complex structure because we simplified it for user. All information is stored in Databases, categorised and filtered. We tried to make the navigation smooth and easy for user as well as we did the administration for client. It is super easy to manage all the pages without messing with website editor.

Website is featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration. And it is the best website in the industry (we checked :)

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