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- Logo Design
- Branding visual and communication strategy
- Website design and development


Brisbane | Australia

Stunning website for a care provider for people with complex needs

We began with the Word: tone of the voice and communication strategy. "There is a path from darkness to light" - this slogan shaped the visual strategy of the brand including the logo itself (lighthouse).

The light from the "Lighthouse" is used for all interactions on the website and it gives to the website this very unique touch.

We didn’t want to use photos with people on the website (so did the client) and we found our own path 😉

It takes a simple line to create a meaningful image. This website nicely done (actually “stitched”) with one subtle line.

Website is yet to be nominated to the "Website of the Day" by Awwwards and featured at Editor X showroom as one of the best websites created with the platform.

It was also featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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