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Renata Webster Counsellor

- Logo Design
- Branding visual and communication strategy
- Website design and development
- Stationary Design


Brisbane | Australia

Сontemplative and deep website for a qualified counsellor

Working with friends can be a challenge, as we navigate the fine line between personal and professional. However, what transpired during this collaboration was nothing short of magical.

Let's rewind the clock 8 years back when Renata threw me a challenge — create a logo for a local professional community. Little did we know that this would be the humble beginning of a friendship that has stood the test of time.

Now, fast forward to today — I present to you another challenging project for Renata :) (Although in that time, her professionally thorough attention to detail has only got sharper).

This brief was to capture Renata’s approach into a visual language that exuded trust and transparency. The result was a brand, built on her authentic strengths and enabling her to effortlessly stay on-brand eternally.

Website is mentioned in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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