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- Branding visual and communication strategy
- Landing page design and development


Vancouver | USA

Personal Website for professional pianist teacher

Reveca is very talented pianist. She breaths with music. We wanted to reflect her passion in the website. The navigation tabs and even contact form look like piano keyboard and that is what make the page so unique and memorable.

Besides the beauty and creativity, we took care of all functionality. Using all our favourite in-house management tools we made life easier for Reveca and for her clients.

With the new website she can sell tickets to her concerts with Wix Events app. Wix Pricing Plans app is used as main online business management tool. Her clients can pay online for terms. Alternatively users can book trial lesson with Wix Bookings App. So very advanced functionality can be setup within built in products by Wix

Website is featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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