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Salute World

- Website design and development


Brisbane | Australia

Unique and stylish website for a copywriter

A few years ago we developed branding and very basic website for Anna Mezhina. Anna worked hard (I know how hard, I worked with her :) and managed to level up her business so it had outgrown the website we built. That was the time to create a new spacious digital home for her company.

😭😭😭My face when I saw the amount of texts for the website (though what would you expect from a copywriter :)

🤓My face when I found the way to organise the copy in a very unique and stylish layout.

Using 100 VH (screen view height) is a great way for creating involving content flow. I sticked titles of pages to make sure that visitors always know where they are at. Overall it feels almost like you are reading a book.

Website is featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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