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Unlimited Robotics

- Website design and development



Futuristic website for the most advanced Robot in the world

Ladies and Gentlemen, please Meet Gary! 👋🤖 The most functional robot in the world is here.

A real Robot who can do anything from watering your plants to helping out in office. Ah, and picking up toys (that would be my favourite option 😉). Not only that Garry can do it, but he also has an app market in which developers can offer their apps to people who have Gary.

The Future is here. How does it feel to be the part of such remarkable project?We still can’t comprehend it. Feel so honoured and lucky to meet Gary's "father".

The timing of the project was very tough. We had just cripple weeks to put it all together. I barely slept those weeks but we did it even earlier than expected.

The website has lots of content: photo and video, specs, vast FAQ sections and even podcast episode streaming with Wix Podcast.

Website featured at Editor X showroom as one of the best websites created with the platform.

It was also featured in a few professional accounts as an inspiration.

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