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AI Tools for Web Designers by Wix

Wix has been actively engaged in the AI landscape since 2016, consistently integrating AI-based tools into its platform ever since. For now, Wix offers several AI-powered tools to assist us in creating and managing websites more efficiently. These tools cover such areas as web design itself; eCommerce; SEO,online marketing and advertising; analytics. We are gradually experimenting and introducing some of them to our day-to-day work.

Our Top Picks for Wix's AI Tools

SEO meta tags

Accessible in the SEO settings under the Marketing and SEO tab on your dashboard, offers three distinct and compelling suggestions for SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions tailored to your site content and business objectives, empowering you to choose or customize them to suit your individual tone.

Product recommender

Dynamically suggesting related products based on user browsing behavior, thereby maximizing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by displaying items frequently bought together, viewed together, or from the same category. (3)

Auto-background removal

The cut out tool identifies and eliminates the background of an image, leaving the key element on a transparent background. Allows easy integration of the desired item into various contexts and effortless creation of many images from one source.

Auto-generated trailers

This tool analyzes your videos to curate impactful moments and craft compelling trailers in minutes, perfect for building anticipation for online courses, product releases, and boosting audience engagement in just a few steps.

AI text/socal captions/product description creator

The suite of AI tools that empowers us to rapidly generate text content, including social media captions and product descriptions. Whether you're stuck with writing or need suggestions to fill in the placeholders, this feature serves as an invaluable resource, particularly when combined with professional editing, to deliver polished and impactful results.(6)

AI image creator

Generates high-quality, custom images from written prompts, allowing users to specify content and style preferences, with the option to refine and customize further in the Photo Studio after selection.

Wix Benchmarks

Wix’s AI analytic tool that is used to gain insights into your website's performance relative to competitors in your industry, offering metrics such as traffic, sales, and user engagement, along with personalized recommendations for enhancing areas of weakness.

Upscale resolution

While the prevalence of high-quality cameras and smartphones has improved the overall quality of images available today, there are still instances where users may encounter lower-quality images that require enhancement. Wix AI Upscale resolution tool enhances image clarity, instantly transforming dull or blurry images into professional-quality photos with higher pixelation.

Wix's AI Tools


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