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Brand Transparency - Ethical Branding Best Practices

Your business website is more than just an online location – it’s a representation of your brand, values, and, in other words, your reputation. Companies are waking up to the fact that pushing CTA buttons in users' faces is the last thing needed to drive sales. People prefer to align with brands' values.

We are talking about brand transparency here. Even Google recently cited brand transparency as a critical competitive differentiator. Communicating the values of your company via brand identity and your website is the core of our approach in brand strategy and website design.

Let’s walk through some of the aspects we discover with our clients while working on their brand development and website design.

Your Brand’s Story

By sharing it, you can create a relatable and human image. From humble beginnings to significant accomplishments, narrating your journey allows customers to understand the events that have shaped your brand. A well-designed website can effectively convey this story.

Who is Behind the Brand

People work with people. Showing your team or business owner enhances credibility and builds trust. Trust is the main objective in any brand strategy.

Brand's Ethics

Consumers want to know what your brand stands for and if it cares about more than just profit. Communicate what the company believes in and its commitment to certain ideals.

Challenges, Mistakes, and Flaws

To make your brand more human, you have to own your mistakes. Buyers are suspicious of companies that try to cover up their flaws, and sharing vulnerability actually increases engagement. Sharing stories of how your projects overcame challenges can be very engaging.

Spaces for Dialogue

Communication channels like direct email, live chat, phone numbers, and forums reassure customers that their voices matter and increase transparency. Thankfully, these features can be easily installed on any Wix website.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

Pull back the curtain to detail – with information, photos, or better yet, videos – your facilities, production processes, or how your services are delivered to humanize your business. Instagram is perfectly suited for this purpose if you don't feel like your website is.

Openness about Privacy Policy Updates, Data Storage, and Usage

By prioritizing clarity and user-friendliness, you can effectively ensure everyone understands their rights and options and feels at ease. It is worth mentioning that Wix has ticked all the boxes, and all websites created on Wix are aligned with the standards of the regulations in this area.

We believe that getting these right could make the difference to your brand. That is why we never jump into website design without a clear brand vision. Thorough brand strategy is the very first step in our process. We want to be sure that our clients will have websites that stand out, not blend in.


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