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Cool Apps in Wix App Market

Let's explore the latest Wix App Market additions! Fresh Wix Apps are here to take your website to the next level. Read the article to discover our top picks!

SEO Content Engine

by WD Strategies

Leverages the power of ChatGPT combined with years of experience in digital marketing best practices to help users quickly develop blog content that can be copy, pasted, edited, and published on your site's blog.

Wix Checkout Requirements

By Wix

Set criteria for accepting orders on your store. Easily set requirements for orders such as minimum or maximum item quantities. Activate or deactivate requirements according to your needs, providing dynamic control over your online store.


By UpAccessibility

Widget finds and fixes the majority of accessibility issues (relating to the UI, design, and readability of your website) before they reach your customers. The app enables users to modify your site’s design to meet their individual needs.


By InnoTech

AI Responses to your Wix Chat messages made easy. Imagine having an assistant that’s available 24/7, ready to respond to your customers’ inquiries instantly. You can choose the tone of voice you want your bot to have - professional, spiritual, funky or slang.

RankiX - SEO Rank Tracker


Using RankiX, you can easily track your sites positions on Google, and Bing search results. You can also track all your YouTube videos positions on YouTube and Amazon listings positions on Amazon sites.

Marketplace Store

By MarketPushApps

The definitive solution for establishing a dynamic online marketplace on your platform. The app enables Site Members to become Vendors, create products on your Site, and sell them, all while earning a good commission!

Statify Pro

By Coadapted Technologies.

Turn stats into stories that help convert - let your numbers do the persuasive talking. Animated statistics serve as compelling social proof, tipping the scales in your favor when visitors are deciding who to do business with.

360 Panorama Map

By grinflai

The app allows you to seamlessly integrate 360-degree panoramic photos into a map, offering an immersive experience for your website visitors. Ideal for showcasing locations, properties, or attractions in a visually engaging manner.

Wix App Market


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