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How Fast Your Wix Website is

For many years, the loading speed of websites on Wix generated unfavourable reviews and gave people reason to opt for any other solution. Increasing the speed of websites has since become a top priority for the Wix platform. We consistently follow the updates and advances on this issue and take part in beta testing as well as helping the programming team to implement and examine various algorithms. (By the way, there is a team of close to 150 people working in the Wix department that specialises in website productivity!)

Over the past few years, we have seen significant progress in the loading speed issues, but due to the specificity of the operating algorithms used by external website speed assessment tools, we couldn’t prove it! :). The actual speed could only be estimated by Wix metrics. The challenge for the programmers was to achieve Wix compatibility with external evaluation metrics (PageSpeed Insights by Google, GTMetrix, etc.), so that the website owners received accurate speed monitoring results.

We regularly test websites for our customers and we have finally seen the results of all the recent platform updates! External assessment tools have begun to determine the actual loading speed, reflecting the real experience of site visitors. The speed optimisation work is certainly not over, though – we envision speed indicators even higher and website metrics scores in the “green” (measured as “good”, or better).

What’s more, Wix has added metrics from Google directly to the dashboard (currently in beta). In the near future, you’ll just have to look at this section in your site’s control panel to make sure your site is performing well.

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According to experts, these long-anticipated “page experience” ratings from Google will affect the growth of Wix website numbers. Stock market pundits predict corresponding growth in the asset value of the company.

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