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My Exciting Visit to the Miami Wix Office

Hi everyone,

I just had the most incredible adventure visiting the Miami Wix office, and I couldn't wait to share my experience with you all!

Finally meeting so many colleagues in person was absolutely thrilling. There's something really special about putting faces to the names and voices I've been working with for so long. It made all our interactions so much more personal and meaningful.

Olya Black in Wix Miami office

The timing of my visit was perfect, as I got to witness the Miami Wix office transitioning to a new location. I felt so lucky to see both the old and the new offices. Watching the team grow and evolve in such a dynamic way was truly inspiring. It felt amazing to be part of such a significant moment.

Being personally invited to the Miami office was such an honor. Discussing practical, important work-related matters face-to-face was invaluable and gave me a fresh perspective. This experience not only motivated me but also made me feel even more connected to our incredible team.

Overall, my visit to the Miami Wix office was a blend of adventure, honor, and professional growth. It’s a memory I’ll cherish and a highlight in my journey with Wix.

Cheers, Olya)


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