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Proudly Made With Wix

Proudly Made with Wix

WIX celebrates its 16th birthday! The number of users grows past 200 million, it’s worth mentioning that its company shares have almost tripled in price in the past year. Why Wix became so popular website builder? Here are just a few main reasons


Did you know that a website built with Wix is not hackable?

Website security is essential to protect your site from DDoS attacks, malware and other online security threats. These threats attempt to gain access and use confidential information of both you and your visitors. Wix constantly upgrades its security protocols and practices to defend against these online threats.

All Wix sites have enabled HTTPS, which makes Wix fully loaded with security features. Additionally, Wix offers a free dedicated SSL certificate for every website built using its web builder.

In other words, Wix allows us to build a website that is safe, secure and reliable for both you and your site visitors with multi-layered website security.

Website Updates and Maintenance

"How easy is it to manage and maintain the site?"

The question all clients ask! Needless to explain that websites are live elements that always need changes and updates. In most cases, clients have to ask their web developers to apply site changes, which can take days and cost additional money! Although some clients prefer this, some may want to make these changes themselves.

With Wix, you can easily edit, add, and delete information on your site. You don't require help from a programmer every time you need to update your site! Most of our clients ask us to transfer their website from another website builder for that exact reason. They can't edit it themselves! It makes Wix an investment for your business which will save you both money and time. Additionally, the back end infrastructure will be updated automatically, making your website management process hassle-free.

Online Business Management

Wix has grown from a simple website builder to a powerful business management tool. It covers pretty much every aspect of online business management, both for website users and website owners.

In Wix App Market you can find an app tailored for a specific industry, just a few to name: Wix Events, Wix Fit, Wix Restaurant, Wix Store, Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels. You can add it to your website in a few clicks and customise to match your website style. Besides, Wix has plenty of tools for website owners to manage and promote your business.


How long does it take to create a website?

In other words, how fast you can launch your website online to start earning money. Nowadays, time is of the essence. Using Drag and Drop system we are able to speed up website building process. Though it is always depends on a client we are able to build decent websites within a few days.

24/7 tech support

Isn't it just beautiful knowing that you always have that person who will listen and walk you through the troubleshooting process? It is priceless! With Wix, you have a customer care team who is there for you 24/7.

Frankly speaking, Wix is not a perfect platform, and it has plenty of room for improvement. However, the real value comes from the daily improvements they make and their ability to create and introduce new updates and tools. The updates and improvements never stop with Wix :)


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