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Redefining Value: Olya Black's Insights at Wix Partners Sydney Event

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share a quick recap of the awesome time I had at the Wix Partners event in Sydney on February 12. I got to talk about something I'm super passionate about – pricing strategies that make sense for us and our clients.

Wix Partners Event in Sydney Speaker - Olya Black

It was all about "Redefining Value: The Power of Price Reevaluation," and I shared my agency's story, the ups and downs, and all the little secrets that helped us nail our pricing game. The crowd was amazing, and it felt great to connect with so many like-minded folks who are all about pushing boundaries and getting creative with their business strategies.

Thanks to everyone who came out to listen and chat – your energy was the highlight of my day! Can't wait to catch up with you all again soon.

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