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Tasteful and Organised Video Content with Wix Video

Since appearing about 20 years ago, video-blogging (a form of web television) has steadily gained in popularity. As we’ve all seen, it has flourished in recent years, turning from a fun hobby for many into profitable business.

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The approach to creating and presenting video content is becoming more and more professional. There are already schools that help novice vloggers to quickly orient and find their niche. Of course, it all started and continues on YouTube; but a growing number of experts say that in addition to a channel there, no matter how successful, a video blogger needs their own website.

Here’s why:

Traffic from search engines

People are looking for information not only on YouTube. They turn to search engines for specific queries, and your content, including video, must appear in the search results.

You can create a separate page for each topic on your website which will be indexed by Google and Yandex, attracting an audience in search of this particular information.

Website as a platform for advertisers

Having a site will give you more options to earn income in addition to advertising directly in your videos – content promotion, for example.

Better communication with the audience (fans, subscribers, advertisers)

It doesn’t just have to be a conversation in the YouTube comments – on a website you can include all contact details, links to social media, create a forum and much more.

Advertising and selling your own goods and services

Where else than on your own website?

Trust in your personal or commercial brand

Having a website always demonstrates a serious approach to the activity, even if you create videos for entertainment.

So there’s no doubt about it, you just have to figure out the easiest way to do it!

We recommend the Wix platform and using the capabilities of Wix Video. It is exactly what is needed by video bloggers and all those who work with video, either professionally or as a hobby, and want to manage it well.

Wix Video allows you to create your own video channels on a site, with the ability for users to watch, rent and buy videos. These can be films, series, vlogs, courses – any type of video uploaded from a computer or hosted online.

Key features of the Wix video app

  • Upload video from a PC, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook

  • Beautiful video players, adapted for screens on any device

  • High quality video streaming

  • Sales, rentals and subscriptions – all profits are 100% yours; Wix takes no commission

  • YouTube and Facebook features: live streaming and 360° video

Benefits of working with Wix Video

A beautiful and functional website in a short time

To make visitors want to watch a video, it must be presented attractively. With Wix, you can select a ready-made template from the Wix collection and configure the channel design to match your site.

Or call on the professionals to create a complementary design from scratch. :)

Synchronisation with YouTube

Everything uploaded to a YouTube channel automatically appears on the site.

Promotion and sales

Visitors can share videos via social media, and you can sell or rent your own videos at a price you set. It’s also possible to track statistics and earnings.

Paid subscription functionality

Mobile optimisation

The application is optimised for mobile and allows videos to be comfortably viewed on any device.

Additional storage space available

(Using Wix Video for free, you can upload 30 minutes of video – maximum 10 minutes per video – and broadcast up to 10 minutes live.)

Online store

This functionality allows you to sell additional products.

It’s worth noting that all except the last two of these items are available in the basic, free package.

With a website on Wix, your video content will be presented and organised at its best. Whether it’s an amateur portfolio or a serious business channel with impressive monetisation – you deserve it.

If you’re going to develop or are working with a website on Wix, you should subscribe to our Instagram page We regularly share tips on developing and running effective websites, as well as reviews of new products and platform features. All with a curious and creative touch :)


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