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Top Web Design Trends 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest and anticipated web design trends that are going to rule next year. Embark on a visual journey through the current and future web design trends by reading our article. Unlock more details and explore video examples as we delve into the intricacies in the accompanying captions.

Bento-Style Rounded Corners

Anyone can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of rounded corners; they are easier on the eyes and evoke warmth and trust. Softer, rounded corners represent one of the most significant trends in website design right now. Choosing between sharp corners and rounded corners in your website design might not seem like a major decision, but it's definitely not something you should overlook. Rounded corners are visually pleasing and help soften the overall design.


Oversized Experimental Typography

In 2024, bold and oversized typography will continue to command attention in web and print design. Larger-than-life lettering demands notice and provides a focal point for content. This trend proves especially effective for conveying powerful messages, creating a visual hierarchy, and enhancing the overall impact of a design.


Designs with Texture

Grainy and 'noise' textures are setting new trends in graphic and web design in 2024, lending a sense of realism and vintage aesthetics to the picture. Grainy textures mimic the particles found on analog media, whereas 'noise' textures simulate random variations in brightness or color, adding some depth and complexity to the design. Best used sparingly.


Dark Mode

A stylish alternative to traditional light-themed interfaces, dark mode has emerged as a prominent web design trend, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that reduces eye strain in low-light environments. Not sure if you should turn to the dark side? Well, we did a couple of years ago with our own website! 😎

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, a rising web design trend, integrates natural elements and patterns into digital interfaces, fostering a connection between users and the natural world. Utilizing organic shapes, soothing colors, and imagery inspired by nature, it aims to enhance user experience by promoting well-being and a sense of harmony in online environments.


Extensive Use of Video Content

The web design trends are clear: video-based website design is effective. Enhancing brand awareness, educating customers, and driving conversions, video content is a big winner for marketers everywhere. Using videos instead of photos as background elements or as dynamic illustrations can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a website, creating a more immersive and engaging atmosphere.



This revolutionary approach takes minimalism to the extreme by stripping websites down to their core essentials. It offers a clean and concise user experience, emphasizing content and functionality over unnecessary design elements. A minimalist design strategy can be a powerful tool, but only when it’s framed by the needs of your users.

404 Fun

Creative 404 Page Design: The idea of a fun 404 page has cycled in and out of trends over the years. In our view, though, humor and creativity always stand as the best ways to apologize for an inconvenience. That's why we passionately support and consistently implement this trend, no matter what 🙂. As a bonus, every site we create comes with a unique and cool 404 page design. Be like us and embrace the fun side of web errors! 😁

Web Design Trends 2024 | WIX PRO | 404 Fun


Scroll and Trigger-Based Animations

Scroll-triggered animations, or 'scrollytelling,' are not only beautiful to look at but can also help create user engagement and make a website more memorable. The browsing experience becomes fun, unique, engaging, and attention-grabbing. Therefore, it's no surprise that this trend has solidified its presence, becoming a mainstay in web design for the foreseeable future.


Time waits for no one, especially in the fast-paced digital world. Embracing trends empowers us to create relevant designs in sync with the current zeitgeist, as long as we incorporate them in a user-first design approach!


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