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User Section on Wix Member’s Area

A few years ago, we were celebrating a welcome opportunity to create personal accounts for Wix online store clients. We even recorded a video tutorial on how to create and customise them.

At that time, not every online store required users to register for purchases, but now the ability to create personal profiles is encouraged on all kinds of sites. This is exactly why Wix has continued to expand the user section functionality for sites developed on the platform.

The user section allows your client to have an account for not only their online shop/s but also other business solutions (e.g. Wix Bookings, Events, Restaurants, Video, tariff plans) as well as social applications (Wix Forum, Blog, Groups, etc.).

The member's area can be used to manage the level of access to site content. You can create sections and set special prices just for registered users. In addition to the required and familiar features of the private account that are built into the product, you can "assemble" a fully-customised user section (including interface) with the aid of code (Velo by Wix).

The private account customisation functionality is available in the “CRM Tools” section. It allows you to configure the user’s profiles with custom fields, as well as decide which kind of information to collect and where it should be displayed. Website visitors also have the ability to control their data privacy settings.

A vivid example for our practice was the creation of a user section for the American psychological support portal for young athletes, Athlete Minds Matter. After buying a subscription and registering on the website, athletes can keep a journal, communicate on the forum, create their own collections of useful resources, write a blog and always have tools and contacts at hand for emergency assistance in difficult situations. And if certain “stop words” that can serve as warning signs are published in their diary, the administrator will be notified and able to take action.

We have always said that with Wix everything (or almost everything!) is possible. :) And the evolution of the user section functionality over the last couple of years proves it again.

User Section on Wix Member's Area

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