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Websites for Mobile Apps

The website for a mobile application is a vital element in its promotion. Search traffic from a website can account for a significant proportion of total app downloads. If you make good use of a "call to action" and update content consistently, your website can become a mini “market” for your app. You can also use it to link to web technical support for your users.

An app website must be produced while the app is being developed, not afterwards. The release of the beta version of your product is a unique opportunity to start building a loyal user base before its official release. Open-source testing can also help improve the app. And if you’re going to crowdfund your digital startup, a good website can be very handy! :)

We have developed numerous websites for mobile apps, some of which have been around for several years and highlighted in professional design communities. For this reason, we’d like to share our experience and emphasise several key points that you should keep in mind when creating a website for a mobile application.

Home page visuals

It’s usually the case that on the site’s home page an image of the app itself is displayed. This is typically in the form of a picture of a device with the app on the screen. But stay away from using realistic mockups of smartphones. Remember that iPhone versions change every year and Android models can look very different. All you need to do is display screenshots in a shape reminiscent of a smartphone.

If you’re going to use images of real people, it’s vital to ensure that they are representative of the application’s target audience.

Website for mobile app | Wix | WIX PRO
First screen of the RESPACE Mobile App website (by WIX PRO)

Catchy headlines (value proposition)

Which problem does your app solve? What value will it bring to users? How will it make their life more interesting? Try to explain application functionality in the simplest and clearest way.

Website for mobile app | Wix | WIX PRO
Headline of the AFFINITY Mobile App website (by WIX PRO)

Explicit call-to-action

What is the next step after people have seen and evaluated the site? If you want them to download the app, make this call to action simple and obvious. Place download buttons at various locations on the site or pin them so that they are always available while scrolling.

Note: The appearance of buttons to download via Google Play or the iPhone App Store is regulated. You mustn’t change their colour, shape or fonts.

Home page of the CASHWO Mobile App Website (by WIX PRO)

Video tutorial and screenshots

One more requirement for a fully-featured app website is a set of high-quality screenshots. If there’s a desktop version, you should also include a set for that. This helps users to understand what your app is all about and minimises the probability that they’ll uninstall it after the first use. If the app has complex functionality, make sure the screenshots show all the steps involved. Creating a video about your application is the best way to demonstrate it.

Website for Mobile App | Wix | WIX PRO

Legal issues

  • Study the policies and agreements of mobile stores in your field

  • Publish a privacy policy and user agreement

  • Provide transparency around your collection of personal data

  • Include check-boxes to enforce acceptance of all terms and conditions

Reviews and achievements

Reviews and recommendations drive sales! If you already have some real reviews from users, post them on your website. Has your app ever been ranked highly in sector-specific competitions? Don’t forget to mention this on your website.


FAQs improve interaction with users at different stages in their use cycle. Whether they are a potential client, who isn’t sure if they should pay for the app, or an existing user experiencing a problem: FAQs on the app website will help them resolve these issues.


Enabling users to give you feedback, whether it’s good or bad, is vital. It’s preferable to have feedback on app bugs or flaws get to you via your website, rather than through reviews on the app markets, where they can be seen by potential customers. Make your contact details and any technical support mechanism easily available to those who need it.

Up-to-date content

Regular app updates must be covered on the website, so that users can see the app is constantly improving and being worked on. The Wix Blog feature is the most convenient way to inform users about updates and publish other news about the app.

Social media

Link your social media accounts to your website for easy access and to keep in close contact with your users. This is a great way to establish a community for your brand or app. The earlier you do this the better, as it's still one of the most effective methods of promotion.

Even if you’ve done tonnes of prep while developing and promoting your app, you still can’t ignore the need to create a website. It’s key to establishing communication with your users and publicising everything connected with your product

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