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What’s a Web Designer Really Thinking about?

When engaging a web designer, most clients focus only on the visual component of the future site. While we don’t want to detract from the importance of aesthetics – we create websites that are often highlighted in specialised design resources and nominated for professional awards – there are more pressing issues which must be focused on when getting to work on a website.

In this article we tell you about some vital aspects of web design which are often forgotten (or remembered at the last moment) not only by customers, but also by the designers themselves.


Ensuring that visitors have a pleasant experience using a website is probably the very first thing to think about when building it. Elements such as buttons and navigation should be easy to understand and adhere to accepted web conventions. We always consider our design decisions from the user's point of view. Beautiful, sure - but first and foremost, user-friendly!


For many it’s a revelation that website design has a direct bearing on a site’s future position. SEO is not a magic bullet for a completed website, it’s an integral part of its development! Work on SEO should be started way before site building, with the skeleton and navigation structure based on analysis of search queries.

It’s important to note that SEO may not be relevant in all cases. This includes image-based projects and landing pages, which are not aimed at organic search.

Site administration

Remember that you’ll have to maintain your website after it’s finished and handed over. Site updates must be as easy and quick to do as possible, otherwise you won’t be bothered or will be very dependent on the designer/developer. We always take this into account and as much as possible offer solutions that you will enjoy working with.

This is exactly what makes Wix so great and why we’ve chosen it – the convenience and speed of updating content.

Cost and development time

Complex solutions definitely affect both the budget and timeframe of a site’s development. We are all for a green approach and rather than reinvent the wheel, we will choose a path that saves significant time and money by using simpler, ready-made tools.

Creating a site for your clients, not you

It might sound harsh, but we don't really build websites for our clients, we build them for our clients’ clients. This is a necessary distinction. People often have their own notions, evaluating a site based on their personal preferences and logic, forgetting that the end user will be their target audience, not themselves. This is why it’s important to define the demographics and needs of your customers and design a strategy based on them.

Grid lines (design responsiveness)

The standard Wix editor cannot boast a 100% adaptive design (this is when a layout adapts to different screen sizes). We squeeze the most responsive design possible out of the editor by using the right elements (some of which are adaptive). And we always stick with the “safe” content display area, so that the user can see all the content regardless of their device’s screen size.

Responsive web design is possible using a more professional version of Editor X – this increases the cost of both production and annual plans.

Mobile version

Only those totally out-of-the-loop don’t know about the importance of mobile versions. The whole site design needs to be adaptable for use on mobile devices. In the standard Wix editor, the mobile version is adapted from the standard design, not created separately. So while developing websites, we always keep in mind how the content will look in a vertical layout and how the design elements will work.

Wix is taking things a step further and promises to allow separate editing of the mobile version in the near future. You will be able to add or remove elements from the mobile design, independently of the main version. And this is great news!

This is what is really behind the work of a professional site creator on Wix and what separates efficient and impressive sites from those that are just pretty pictures from templates or thrown together hastily. Before you start work on your website (entrust it to the contractor), make sure that they thoroughly understand all these points.

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