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Wix Accessibility Wizard: Advanced Accessibility Settings

Expanding on the initial overview, let's delve deeper into the Wix Accessibility Wizard and its advanced features that make it an indispensable tool for creating websites that are accessible to everyone. The Wix Accessibility Wizard not only identifies issues but also educates users on the importance of each element of accessibility.

Essential Accessibility Features Covered by the Wizard:

Visual Indicators

These are essential for users navigating via keyboard, and the Wizard ensures they're active and visible.

Alternative Text for Images

The Wizard aids in adding descriptive alt text, allowing screen readers to paint a picture for those who can't see it.

Color Contrast

It checks that your text stands out against the background, making it readable for users with visual impairments.

Unique Heading Tags

The tool prevents confusion by avoiding duplicate headings and ensuring a clear content hierarchy.

Logical Heading Levels

It guides you in structuring your content in a way that makes sense, maintaining a smooth flow for screen reader users.

Meaningful Page Names

The Wizard alerts you to pages that need more descriptive titles, providing context for better navigation.

The Wix Accessibility Wizard also boasts advanced features that fine-tune your site's accessibility:

Automatic DOM Order

This feature aligns the HTML code with the visual layout, ensuring screen readers present the content in a logical sequence.

Accessibility Dev Tools

These tools allow you to add ARIA attributes where needed, giving screen readers the extra details to understand complex site elements.

Integrating the Wizard into your site's design process is straightforward:

Open the Wix Editor.

Navigate to the Settings menu.

Select Accessibility to launch the Wizard.

Follow the prompts, and you'll make your site more inclusive in no time.

The Wix Accessibility Wizard is a testament to Wix's dedication to creating an inclusive digital world. It's not just about meeting standards; it's about embracing a philosophy that appreciates the diversity of user experiences. At Olya Black Studio, we've integrated the Wix Accessibility Wizard into our workflow with outstanding results. We're proud to partner with a platform that prioritizes accessibility, and we're delighted to share that our clients benefit from a more welcoming and navigable web experience.


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