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Wix Ecommers Extra Functionalities

Why Should You Sell With Wix?

Wix has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the premier ecommerce platforms in the market.

Over the years, the Wix Store has distinguished itself as a feature-rich ecommerce builder. It seamlessly combines advanced tools and functionalities to comprehensively address the critical needs of online sales, such as:

Product Presentation

Payment Options and Fees

Inventory Management

Shipping Options

Built-in SEO tools

Store Reports & Analytics

And many more.

Wix also boasts an impressive app market, offering a mix of free and paid applications. These apps are designed to seamlessly integrate additional functionalities into your online store. Let's explore some of the most interesting and impactful updates and releases that you might have missed.

Multichannel Selling

In response to the expanding realm of eCommerce and evolving consumer behaviors, engaging in multichannel selling enables merchants to swiftly extend their market presence and boost sales. Therefore Wix has long been working on the integration of Multichannel Selling capabilities into its eCommerce platform, continually adding new channels. It was already possible for some time now to manage Instagram, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and Wish sales through the Wix Store Dashboard. But, just this month, Wix announced that Google Merchant Solutions (Google Shopping) is now also available through Wix as a full integration! Indeed a great piece of news for many Wix Stores owners as this feature has been developed and launched due to numerous requests from users.

Wix Tips (Free App by Wix)

Tipping is a widely practiced social custom in the whole world, a personal expression of gratitude for service given. Isn't it great for both buyers and online store employees if there is an option that lets customers leave tips when they check out? Clients will be able to support your business and thank you for the service (feeling like a good person 😀) and staff will be additionally stimulated by the opportunity to make a little extra income!

Use Wix Tips (New Wix App) to allow customers to leave tips during online checkout. Manage settings to offer preset tip amounts or allow customers to enter a custom tip. Wix Tips seamlessly syncs with analytics for easy tip tracking.

Extra Sales, No Extra Efforts

Shopping online doesn't quite hit the same as being shoved by other shoppers in a store during sales season. Is there a way to recreate that urgency or, by all means, boost online sales? How about the ways outlined below?

FOMO Nudge - Urgent Sales (Wix App by POWR)

The app enhances online sales by strategically displaying low stock levels, creating a sense of urgency through high-demand social proof, and offering customizable features to align with your brand's aesthetics. Leveraging FOMO marketing, the app employs phrases like "Now Popular" and "Selling Fast" to communicate recent purchase trends, encouraging customers to act swiftly. With its non-intrusive design and widespread usage on over 12 million websites globally, the app provides a user-friendly and effective solution to boost conversion rates, increase sales, and reduce cart abandonment.

Product Recommender (Wix App by OnVoard)

OnVoard's Product Recommender stands out with unique features, such as the option to display meta labels, including social proofs like "25% of customers bought this together," providing compelling reasons for customers to add products to their carts. With 14 diverse types of product recommendations, users can easily implement personalized strategies, from frequently bought together and best-selling items to trending and recently viewed products. This app enhances the customer experience by offering a variety of recommendation logics and meta labels, contributing to increased sales and improved average order values.

Upsell & Cross Sell (Wix App by ReConvert)

Another powerful e-commerce tool designed to instantly enhance Average Order Value (AOV) and drive more sales by seamlessly integrating upsell and cross-sell offers into the checkout process. With a focus on maximizing conversion rates, ReConvert strategically presents upsell offers at the opportune moment, ensuring a non-intrusive and smooth customer buying journey. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick implementation of native upsell and cross-sell options, enabling merchants to customize and tailor their offers without the need for coding or design skills.

Examples of ReConvert upsell high-converting offers:

  • Expedited shipping, gift wrapping & shipping insurance at checkout

  • Complimentary products (e.g. a sports socks to compliment new running shoes)

  • An additional similar item at a discount (e.g. buy another, get 20% Off)

  • Physical products in the booking flow for services (e.g. an eBook guide before a consultation

Get Donations (Wix App by Big Spark)

Asking for donations - easier said than done? Well, not anymore - at least technically - for Wix users) Meet a new innovative donation form app—a stylish and contemporary solution for your website's giving requirements. Enhance the donor experience with predefined and custom donation amounts. You can include a custom processing fee at any percentage, which your donors can choose to pay. Easily blend the app's mobile and desktop designs to align with your brand. With full responsiveness on all devices Get Donation App's user-friendly interface ensures convenience and engagement. This App is paid, but the price is very affordable, and also has a lot of positive reviews.

Afterpay (US Only)

Include Afterpay as a payment option, allowing your customers to split their payment into several installments.

Afterpay supports buy now, pay later (BNPL) transactions, ensuring you receive full payment upfront while enabling your customers to buy now and make budget-friendly payments over time.

To receive payments through Afterpay on your Wix website, it's necessary to configure Wix Payments accordingly. Be advised that products bought using Afterpay must adhere to Wix's list of restricted goods and services. Broadly speaking - before enabling Afterpay payments on your site, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with this set of guidelines to help your business qualify to sell with Afterpay payments.

Wix offers a diverse selection of apps designed to improve your eCommerce website's functionality and user experience. The sheer variety of apps available within Wix Apps market covers areas such as store design, analytics, social features, dropshipping, and conversions. If you've opted to create an eCommerce web store with Wix, incorporating Wix apps is essential to drive the growth of your store.

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