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Wix Fit: all-in-one Solution for Fitness Businesses

Wix has introduced a new product that provides professionals in the fitness industry with all the necessary tools to develop and promote their business, manage customer relationships, and establish a community.

Wix Fit | All-in-one solution fo Fitness Buisnesses | WIX PRO |

The platform developers have spent years working on Wix Fit, creating a solution that makes it easier for instructors, coaches and fitness club owners to manage all aspects of their business using their own Wix Fit website and application.

To plan and develop the product, Wix has brought not only talented programmers and designers onboard, but also fitness club owners. Because who else is as aware of the requirements when it comes to administration in the industry?

The new app covers all the bases for managing large sports clubs with a membership system:
  • online booking for group classes or private sessions

  • client interaction in real-time

  • subscriptions and service package sales

  • online marathons/programs creation

  • e-commerce (online store for related products or merchandise)

  • discount coupon generation

  • SEO and e-mail marketing.

Until quite recently, sports club owners had to deal with high-budget projects to build a solution that would handle all these tasks. Now, all this can be accomplished with Wix Fit. Let’s look more closely at the routine tasks that it can optimise, for both providers and customers.

Management tools for personal trainers

(Yoga studios, fitness clubs, sports departments, etc.)

  • Manage your classes, staff and booking calendar

  • Receive orders and payments

  • Register customers and communicate with visitors

  • Sell in-house branded goods

  • Collect data about registered users from profiles (from health aspects that a trainer must be aware of, to payment status)

  • Business analysis, including traffic, attendance records, finance

  • Your own mobile application – coming soon from Wix!

Features for customers

  • Class booking and convenient payment through the site or app

  • Class waiting list and availability notifications

  • Personal account with information about visits and payments

  • Communication with trainers and community members

  • Online shopping

  • Subscription to club trainers’ blogs to receive useful information about fitness and health

Regardless what size your business is, the platform will allow you to configure a workflow according to your needs. From developing individual payment and fitness plans for clients, to organising scheduled or one-off events, setting up member forums, analytics and reporting – you’re covered.

Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about integrating third-party applications. And if you think about it, Wix Fit functionality can be used not only in the fitness industry, but in related fields with similar business processes. Owners of beauty salons and private clinics, take note! :)

Wix Fit | Websites for the Yoga Studios | WIX PRO |

As you can see, Wix Fit is an awesome all-in-one product! And to get the best, customised solution from the platform, make sure you consult an experienced professional who knows how to achieve 100% results from the almost endless capabilities of Wix.

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