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Five days in WIX HQ, Tel-Aviv

On my last day in Wix HQ, Tel Aviv, I heard my name while walking down a corridor. I often talk to myself, and for a moment I thought voices were talking back. A girl smiled at me and I was trying to recall where I could know her from. “How do you know me?” I asked. “You are Olya Black, everyone knows you, you are a brand at Wix.”

This was a lightbulb moment for me, I am so completely absorbed in what I do for my clients, that I never stopped to think about how I might be perceived at Wix. To say I was flattered would be an understatement, this lovely girl payed me the biggest compliment, and I was lost for words. In hindsight it makes sense of course, we are all brands in orbit of each other. But what was clear, is that I had come a long way…

My business started quite randomly without a clear plan of action. I had just moved to Australia and was trying to “find myself” in a new country. Back in Russia, I had decent experience in branding and marketing, working in different industries and cities. I always had a passion for the creative aspect of marketing and wanted to further explore within that field. I created a website for myself with a new (revolutionary at this time) platform named Wix. That’s how the story started.

I founded my “agency” In 2012 and named it Wix Pro. Not so creative I know, but it helped me to enter the huge market of web design through a very narrow niche. I believe that was the best decision ever. While many professionals saw Wix as a non professional tool and hesitated using it I saw the power and opportunities Wix offered from first the day I tried it.

Today, I am a (real) creative director at my own agency, with a team of talented people. We create brands and bring them to the online business arena with a powerful beautiful websites. We give them the confidence they need to sell their products. We have hundreds of successful projects all over the world. Our work is featured in leading design platforms, and we have a few professional awards.

Being appreciated and recognised by the people behind Wix, means the world to me. I doubt I could be where I am today without their support and their drive to constantly improve the platform. My only regret is (in my befuddled state) not recalling the name of that wonderful girl...


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