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Wix Learn

Learn it all. With Wix.

Paid online learning, especially in the digital field, has ruled for several years already. What could be better than a full-fledged and convenient educational platform with valuable content for the digital field? Free learning platform by Wix!

Wix launched Wix Learn, the platform that allows everyone to master and develop the most demanded nowadays digital skills. Online courses, webinars and tutorials across a variety of subjects, including web design, eCommerce, online businesses, marketing and SEO, content management and more. Furthermore, freelancers will be able to pass certification and document one's skills to employers or customers. Courses and webinars are available to watch anytime and anywhere, from laptop or smartphone through the Wix Owner app.

Offered courses are divided into several thematic areas:


Web design

Site essentials



Business essentials

Business solutions



Digital marketing


Growth opportunities

Each course includes:

Online video lessons

Class notes


Popular templates

Useful tips

* Сourse activities, materials and resources may vary depending on the topic.

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Wix Certifications

Another feature of Wix Learn platform is an industry-recognized certification. How it works:

Choose your certification

  • Velo developer

  • Accessibility

  • SEO

  • Check back as Wix adds more to the lineup

Pass the test

The certification timed exam includes 30 multiple choice questions. One must pass this exam with 75% accuracy or better.

Submit your project

Only applicable for certain certifications.

Earn your certificate

You'll receive your official e-certificate via email so you can add your certificate badge to Linkedln, CV or website.

Wix Learn is a great source for freelancers, agencies and business owners who want to add valuable expertise to their offerings and establish credibility.


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