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Wix Partner Program

Wix Partners or Wix Specialists is a program for freelancers and agencies who use Wix and Editor X to develop websites. Any web designer can join the program by developing and launching 4 websites. Subsequently, they earn 100 points for each (premium subscription) client website published. By developing more websites on Wix and Editor X, specialists will be upgraded to the next level. The highest level that can be achieved is “Legend”.

We had already developed 400 websites by the time the partnership program was launched, which enabled us to obtain Legend status automatically.

Wix Partner Program Benefits
Wix Partner Program Benefits

Based on the number of active premium plan websites in their portfolio, specialists gain access to a variety of platform benefits, including the right to share in profits from purchases of Wix premium plans.

Wix Marketplace

Having collected 2000 points, specialists can join Wix Marketplace, which enables them to get work from Wix users for website creation, development and promotion. The system captures and processes job requests directly through Wix accounts, providing lead traffic and minimising time prospecting for clients.

Ways to Earn Points with Wix
Ways to Earn Points with Wix

Our Path

Back in 2012 we switched from Wordpress to Wix and, based in Australia, found ourselves the first company in the Russian market. At that time, the name “Wix” raised nothing but a smirk, but we fully believed in the platform’s capabilities. Joining Wix Marketplace (previously known as Wix Pro) provided us with smooth customer inflow from all over the world, as well as hundreds of great websites in our portfolio, acknowledgement by the Wix designers global community and friends from every continent. Office

We should point out that officially we don’t belong to but nevertheless we are treated with due recognition, and as partners we receive individual support along with the rest of the benefits the company provides. We give Wix as good as we get – helping to test beta software, providing feedback on new features, reporting bugs and errors, taking part in UX tests, and so on.

How to become Wix partner

Being at the Legend level in the Wix hierarchy, our agency has access to a number of privileges:

  • Personal account manager (for all kinds of issues)

  • Expanded access to Wix technical support services (priority support)

  • Access to beta software

  • Priority access to platform updates

  • Profit sharing

  • Free webinars and workshops from the top specialists

  • Annual global events

  • Online community

The bottom line is that we love Wix, and Wix loves us back. :)

What a potential Marketplace customer needs to know

Wix Marketplace enables customers all over the world to hire specialists of any experience level, with any skill set, at any price, who will help to develop, optimise or promote their websites. That’s how it works, but you need to keep in mind that shortlisting to participate in a project is based only on quantitative criteria, not qualitative. This can lead to many cheap, low-quality websites. Be aware and choose your Wix designer/agency carefully. There are designer portfolios and customer reviews on Wix Marketplace to help you. You probably won’t be tricked, but you never know!

If you’re going to develop or are working with a website on Wix, you should subscribe to our Instagram page We regularly share tips on developing and running effective websites, as well as reviews of new products and platform features. All with a curious and creative touch :)


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