A web design involves plenty of actions: from thorough research of your business to a layout design, we do our best to deliver the excellent results. Building a unique website demands a fresh idea. We create websites, online shop sites, and landing pages that exceed our clients’ expectations. The best part is that it’s an affordable website design.

Web Design vs. Graphic design


Many people think that web design and graphic design are the same. An expert however knows that website design and print design are two totally different disciplines. That is true of both technical and creative aspects. Yet, there is no doubt that both disciplines have the same origin, namely, they are based on such basics of computer design as colour science, composition and typography. A web designer, just like a graphic designer, must know the main graphic editing software. Finally, a successful designer must have a creative touch in them to build custom websites. Now let’s look closer at the differences between these two jobs.


A graphic designer works with images (both photos and illustrations) in a high resolution format, to ensure high quality printing. A web designer is able to use “lighter” images, because this guarantees that websites load faster. Imagine if your website was flooded with “heavy” high-resolution images? It is very unlikely that a user will have patience to stay on the website to wait for the images to load. Still, those images have to be of a good quality.


When creating a design, the graphic designer needs to know the intended use of the print design product (a leaflet, catalogue, or banner). The most critical factors are layout, readability and highlighting key messages.

That is true for web design too, but a website structure is more complex. It’s the web designer’s job to make the website simple for user perception and still sell the product. How do they do that? They highlight the key points, find the “right” colors and use other elements of web design.


When it comes to the choosing fonts for a design, a graphic designer is lucky because they don’t have any limitations: they can use any font for the text and it will look nice and presentable for the client. A web designer has no such luxury, because browsers can’t support every font. “Foreign” fonts  will be substituted, which leads to elements moving from their original spots, and the whole layout looking distorted.


Another option is to use a creative font as an image. This is undesirable as web crawlers searching for keywords analyse only textual symbols.


Web designers used to be limited in their font choice to Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, and Verdana fonts. Now they have to thank Google Web Fonts for making their life easier by giving hundreds of “web-friendly” fonts - a gift from Google that everyone was waiting so long for.


Additionally, it’s important to make sure you are building a responsive web design that makes your page look good on all devices (mobile, tablets etc.)


Other ingredients of an awesome website design recipe



Roughly 40% of the world internet traffic originates with mobile and tablet devices. Adapt your pages to make a mobile-friendly website design to attract mobile and tablet users.



Wix is a platform that helps you to create beautiful and functional websites without any coding skills. Yet you need to know all about web-design (usability, SEO and design itself) to be able to create a website that sells. We have built more than 100 websites with wix and know this platform really well. 


Wordpress is the most popular blogging tool in the world (including Australia), that developed to become a web design platform for online shops and websites of high complexity. The process is more complicated than Wix design, and consequently more costly and time-consuming.


  1. The most important tip is defining your goals and target audience. Knowing whom you are building your website for is essential for creating “right” marketing tool.

  2. Think of the idea behind your website. A website without an idea is merely an information board. The first step is finding the idea, and then visual creation.

  3. Stick to one style in everything: colours, fonts, shapes.

  4. Everyone wants a creative website design, but try not to over complicate things. Use no more than 2 fonts on your website and certain colour scheme.

  5. Keep the balance between visual content and copy. Arrange them wisely on your website.

  6. In doubt? Call for professionals! Contact us to order a budget website design.  



We offer affordable web design services that will work for both a small business and big company. A website design can be created even on a tight budget, and yet be effective and nice. You don’t believe? Please take a look at our web design portfolio.

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